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30 Second Pasta Dinner Preparation

It seems impossible. It is not.

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Fastest Shave = Best Shave

 30 Seconds is long enough! Danger warning-–watch your pressure level on the carotid artery. Seriously, don’t try this at home if you are a child or teen.

How to Clean a Messy Room in 30 Seconds

Cleaning your room shouldn’t take all day unless your day is 30 seconds long!

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Posting less as I have been working on the original sitcom Detroit Raw of late; it’s going really well!

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30 Second CVS Receipts Expose


This has got to stop!

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The Movie Gravity in 30 Seconds

The movie Gravity is fantastic! Unfortunately it is 93 minutes.  I’ve  produced by own version of the film and it is only  0.5%  the length of the originial!  Spoiler and efficiency alert!
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How to Reduce Muscle Soreness in 30 Seconds. What’s Colder than Cold? Ice Cold. What’s Colder than Ice Cold? Extremely Ice Cold!

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How to Wake, Get Ready and Leave for Work in 30 seconds

How long is your morning routine?  32.7 minutes?  47.2 minutes?  I take 30 seconds. If you don’t believe me, it will only take you 30 seconds for me to convince you otherwise.

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