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Poetry is like a metaphor. That last sentence was a simile.

A Poem on Time

Without it
All happens together.
With it all
You get forever.
Time, you a powerful one.

If you travel like light it slows.
If you stay busy it flows.
If you stop it grows.
Time, you a tricky one.

Before hours were titled
An amount thereof outspread
And passed unequaled.
Or did they?
Will time tell?

Time passes.

Time, I am speaking to you.


Time passes.


Time passes again.

Time, you a silent one.

—Orin Moore

Time: 5:38 PST, 12.29.2012 CE

P.S. The below image came up on a Google Search for the term “Picture of Time”. 

Time, you a beautiful one.  Maybe mix in a sandwich, though. 

A Poem on writer’s block

When I don’t know what to write
I don’t.
Except for right now
As I write this.
My bad.

A Poem On Metaphor

The key with metaphors is not
To introduce it like a simile.


Just describe something,
Making it mean something else.

Not sure?

It’s ok. I’ll do it for you:
The waves splashed without end onto the paddle.

Not sure?

That’s because it’s a metaphor and you’re happy now
Roaming a sea of thought.

The metaphors continue,
Unlike a simile.


Sometimes a sunset is just a sunset.  Other times, it’s foreplay.

A Poem On a House Just Well Cleaned

Hours and hours to clean the house
And those spots you don’t see daily,
The air clearer,
Colors more there.
Music in the house feels more important.
All will pass.
I need to get a date over here pronto.

A Poem On Dishes

There will always be more dishes.

It’s called life.

Unless you only go out.

Well done if so.

Kind of.


How to be good at being a poet

1) Can you see the world from 200 miles above the earth and 27 years into the future? If so, continue. If not, know that it’s a nice view.
2) Make it so when people look in your eyes it’s like the first time they ever heard Gotye’s Somebody That You Used to Know on blast.
3) Take a long time to respond to all questions.
4) Capture unspeakable feelings and moments.
5) Write in extended metaphors on top of extended metaphors.
6) Make sure there is something in there, albeit obliquely, about the seasons and time.
7) If still stuck, make your poems completely indecipherable and mess with line



and CaPitIzaTion


8 ) Get a job as a professor.  No one reads poetry.


This guy’s website says he still swings super fly ladies with his poetic rhymes.

His motto: ” Sometimes one must venture through the forest to emerge at the picnic.”

A Poem on Yoga

Moving quiet from down dog
Into flying truncated lotus
The flower breaths lotus hot fog
Upon the teacher of loose hamstrings.

Breathing quiet oxygen flows
From her taut torso glancing his face,
Asking for what he knows,
The smiling words answer

Feel the rhythm of the ancients
In the inner pelvis complex
Circling the Indian subcontinent
Relative to your shoulder axis
Let’s talk after class

The dance of that great dance
Circles until after class.
This girl behind me thinks my feet smell.

How do yoga and pert plus compliment eachother?

The best thing about yoga is
No stretching after class.
Just talking about how my feet smelled.





—-Orin Moore

Humans are Highly Variable Creatures

A Poem on Clubbing

If you find me in the club
I am into touching
Your ear with my lips
To tell you what I do.

When there is no music
Only the coffee maker
Gurgling at the finish
Wondering what I do

Ok you say.  One more chance
Before the vibrations and shmedium shirts
Overtake your lips at her ear
Telling you what you do

When there is no flickering strobe
Only the look in the mirror
Smiling at the finish
Knowing what you do.

OK you say.

Do you want sex dance?


Yes, they are all texting.