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Follow California tutor Orin Moore as he explores the world of camping while remotely providing academic knowledge and know how to youths in need of academic help and guidance.
Side note: we have lost cell phone and all other non-internet related contact with Orin and will gladly recieve any information that leads to his whereabouts becoming known. $6.37 reward.

Predator Prey Relationships

Learn about Food Chains.
Of the local fauna the only concerns are coyote packs greater than 6 members and individual mountain lions.  If these appear it could get rough and tumble up in here.
Flora= plant life
Fauna = animal life
You are fauna.
Another episode in the ongoing series “Academic Tutoring While Camping.”

The following letter was delivered to Orin’s website manager without any postage.

Hello Rick,

I hope this gets to you safely.  The means of delivery were by no means standard.  Please post this and the accompanying videos to my website as my current camping location has no internet access.    Times are tough but I’m tougher. The lesson plans are coming along great, which is nice.


Haiku #27

Camping makes hunger

Eating food outside camping

Because I brought it

— 1.25.13


Haiku # 148

Hip bursa sac swells

The trees reply with swaying

Coyotes lurking

— 1.31.13

The ventilation is surprisingly good.

Bursa Sacs and Troubled Times

Much of the focus is on the surrounding coyotes and a developing hip injury from the rock climbing incident.  The physiology based tutoring session introduces bursa sacs.
Warning: emotionally raw material.
Another episode in the “Academic Tutoring While Camping” series.

Nutrition Class Lesson: Eat Naturally Colored Food

Physical Education and Nutrition is being cut at a time of a growing obesity epidemic.  This means that the number of overweight people grows which is bad because it means that there will be a lot of overly bulky people in the future.
Diet simplicity is key to fighting this issue.  If it is in packaging, keep it there!   Watch the video to learn more!
In other news, my hip still hurts from the rock climbing incident.

Another episode in the “Academic Tutoring While Camping” series.

Dark Night Story Time Episode

When the night becomes dark, the scary stories become real.  Shaunna and Kelso shoud have listened to Felipe.
Part of the Academic Tutoring While Camping Series

Bike Helmets + Rock Climbing x Ninjas = Haikus

Our tutor has relocated nearer the rock climbing. The ancient Japanese art for of Haiku is explored.  A hurt hip from a rock climbing incident has left an injured hip.

Another episode in the “Academic Tutoring While Backpacking” series.


For When It’s Cold and You Need to Do Multiplication

It is cold.  It is dark.  You are camping.  Guess what? Wrong.  Correct answer:  Multiplication tables are very important.  Herein you will find some special times tables tips!

Episode 4.1-7-Niner of the ongoing series  Academic Tutoring While Camping

Academic Tutoring While Camping- The Physics of Hats

Hats keep heat in.  Heat keeps you warm.  Warmth helps you not die.  Don’t die because you are not wearing a hat.

Episode 3.2-8-XF of the ongoing series Academic Tutoring While Camping