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Stuck in a Ditch Part Deux – The Saga Continues

Orin, trying to make the best of the ditch, receives business clients in his new work space.  Unfortunately his client does not heed his financial advice.  Anger ensues. It is hot throughout.

Featuring Jack Moxon as an athletically dressed multi-millionaire.

Bike Helmets + Rock Climbing x Ninjas = Haikus

Our tutor has relocated nearer the rock climbing. The ancient Japanese art for of Haiku is explored.  A hurt hip from a rock climbing incident has left an injured hip.

Another episode in the “Academic Tutoring While Backpacking” series.


For When It’s Cold and You Need to Do Multiplication

It is cold.  It is dark.  You are camping.  Guess what? Wrong.  Correct answer:  Multiplication tables are very important.  Herein you will find some special times tables tips!

Episode 4.1-7-Niner of the ongoing series  Academic Tutoring While Camping

Academic Tutoring While Camping- The Physics of Hats

Hats keep heat in.  Heat keeps you warm.  Warmth helps you not die.  Don’t die because you are not wearing a hat.

Episode 3.2-8-XF of the ongoing series Academic Tutoring While Camping



Stuck in a Ditch- Origin Story

The saga begins as the best laid plans of Orin and George often go awry.
Based on an event when Orin had neither a belt nor real shoes.

Featuring Orin Moore and George van Pelt.


The one that started it all.

The “it” is used for intentional ambiguity.

Jaguar Juice is real.  It produces real results. My apologies for the screen shot.  Or not, depending.

I hunt pigeons as a passion.

Danger lurks in our midst at the park and by our feet.

I Miss Johnny

Steak smells so good but can be dangerous.

Killer Run

The payoff is worth it.

Homeschooled- A Backpack and a System

Riley feels strongly about his organizational system.  So does Mr Alex Rick.