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You have questions, I have jokes.

Russia owns Trump #real

30 Second Pasta Dinner Preparation

It seems impossible. It is not.

For similar efficiency see

Fastest Shave = Best Shave

 30 Seconds is long enough! Danger warning-–watch your pressure level on the carotid artery. Seriously, don’t try this at home if you are a child or teen.

How to Clean a Messy Room in 30 Seconds

Cleaning your room shouldn’t take all day unless your day is 30 seconds long!

Click here to visit the 30 Second Guy efficiency series website!

Posting less as I have been working on the original sitcom Detroit Raw of late; it’s going really well!

Welcome to my website!

Please excuse the random “A” letters strewn about the website. My site was hacked and those are the remnants.

My site is messed up technically. Hacking/ Server issues. Click here to see what I mean.

This pains me. Obvi. Visit here for comedic content or call 310.592.6359

A Poem On a House Just Well Cleaned

Hours and hours to clean the house
And those spots you don’t see daily,
The air clearer,
Colors more there.
Music in the house feels more important.
All will pass.
I need to get a date over here pronto.

A Poem On Dishes

There will always be more dishes.

It’s called life.

Unless you only go out.

Well done if so.

Kind of.


The one that started it all.

The “it” is used for intentional ambiguity.

Jaguar Juice is real.  It produces real results. My apologies for the screen shot.  Or not, depending.