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If I describe this too much it loses its power. Like humility.

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Timothy Tebow

Timothy thinks Peyton Manning is part of God’s plan.

No, seriously, he does.

If Timothy came out as gay it would do wonders for gay rights.


Reality is real.

No, seriously, he would.

Everything is fine. Seriously.


Frisbee Visor Guy

There are no wrong answers!

This guy’s visor visor protects his face from burn and plants him firly in 1994-2003 ultimate or this guy is some type of ironic retro hipster baller.  I haven’t met the latter.

Strengths: Throwing the disc hard, wearing 2-3 braces, calling picks. He is married to a wonderful woman.

Weaknesses:  See above, except for the “woman” part.

Quote:  “When I point for you to go deep, don’t just stand there and wonder why I’m wearing a visor!”


Moses Malone

Step away from the rebound train.  It is moving at the speed of Don’t mess with the best because the best don’t mess.