How to be good at being a fitness trainer

  1. Do you agree with the statement? : If you are beautiful on the inside, no one cares, but if you are beautiful on the outside it makes everyone happy. If yes, continue.  If not, check your values- this is 2012 folks.
  2. Skim a weightlifting book.
  3. Doesn’t matter which one.
  4. Say the word “core”  at least every three sentences.
  5. Never work out with your client because you have already worked out today.  Twice.
  6. Tell your client to eats lots of salmon, quinoa, and kale.
  7. Design specific protein window schedules for your clients.
  8. Sleep with your client if it is mutually agreeable. Make sure it’s a core workout.
  9. As you now know it’s all about reps.  Start at Step 2.


Where do you go from here?

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