How to be good at being a poet

1) Can you see the world from 200 miles above the earth and 27 years into the future? If so, continue. If not, know that it’s a nice view.
2) Make it so when people look in your eyes it’s like the first time they ever heard Gotye’s Somebody That You Used to Know on blast.
3) Take a long time to respond to all questions.
4) Capture unspeakable feelings and moments.
5) Write in extended metaphors on top of extended metaphors.
6) Make sure there is something in there, albeit obliquely, about the seasons and time.
7) If still stuck, make your poems completely indecipherable and mess with line



and CaPitIzaTion


8 ) Get a job as a professor.  No one reads poetry.


This guy’s website says he still swings super fly ladies with his poetic rhymes.

His motto: ” Sometimes one must venture through the forest to emerge at the picnic.”

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