How to be good at being a Self- Help Guru

1)      Do you like to smile a lot and cry about how beautiful the sunset is?  If yes, continue.  If not, smoke pot.
2)      Spread your strong arms wide and smile, revealing massive white teeth.
3)      Wear a head set always. Even in bed and during sexy sexy time.
4)      Write a book and come up with a catchphrase that means everything and nothing at the same time.  Options include:

   Your dreams are aspirations to become realizations!

    Seize the day, let go of the night!

    If you follow your dreams you build your life by visualization of reality!

   The only thing preventing you from realizing your potential is meat lovers pizza after 9 PM

5)      Promise total fulfillment with the least amount of work.
6)      Tell your readers to set goals and reach those goals.
7)      Use metaphors, parables and exclamation points liberally!
8)      Smile, hug hard and keep that head set on!

Facts are true.

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