How to be good at being a supremely physically attractive male

1)      Do you have wide, hard shoulders, that cut where your oblique meets your hip (if you have to ask, you don’t), great hair, wonderful bone structure, clear skin, 2 days stubble and eyes that make women think they are having a warm drink overlooking an alpine lake?  If yes, read on and please, for once, realize how lucky you are.  If not, continue living in normal reality.

2)      Don’t be super religious.  It’s just a waste.

3)      Wear protection.  Unless you just want to “go for it.”  That, though,  is the wrong answer to a math problem.

4)      Know that your  pickup line is either simply looking a woman in the eye or saying “Hi, my name is (insert your one syllable name)”

5)      Be mysterious. How?  Don’t say too much.

6)      Don’t go bald, it’s bad for your look.  Unless you’re Jason Statham.

7)      Keep a calendar to keep track.

8)      Marry late.

9)      Have unprotected sex.

10)  Teach this all to your son.

These dogs do not hunt.


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