Regarding Corrections While Writing

On the first draft I find it difficult but effective to limit your spell checking and the like until the current draft is finished; at the very least, wait till near the end of your writing session.  This way you can make all the changes in a more brute force way (for example, see: replace all feature) while also maintaining momentum and flow.

Constantly correcting capitalization and the like is a lazy technique as this is only an escape from the harder part of deep creation.  Yeah, that says “deep creation.”

This is not to say that you should not work on your sentence structure and word choice  at appropriate times in order to make your language clear, active and concise.

To recap:  When you are in your flow stay there as long as you can and fix the misstakes later.

Read aloud to catch those mastakes.

Editing note: On subsequent drafts I would come up with a better joke than this “mistakes” bit. 

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