Bio and Scripts

I grew up in Los Angeles and decided to write this information in the first person. As a competitive athlete- I play elite ultimate frisbee (yes, it’s true)- I understand teamwork and discipline.

I’ve written original sitcom pilots and treatments with others and on the solo tip. I’m happy with pilots I’ve written with Movie Magic Media and BangleMangle Productions. I’ve also written and produced  much comedic content. I wrote a spec Parks and Recreation script that feels right and humor filled.

I will gladly provide a resume, scripts and writing samples upon request.

I teach writing professionally and also work as a copy writer.

I start my sentences with “I” when I write my own Bio. Obvi.

For interesting English conversing contact me via (yeah, hotmail) or 310.592.6359.  I tweet irregularly @orinmoore.

I’m actively pursuing comedic and creative opportunities in TV and on the interweb.